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  manufactures a high performance; energy efficient SIPs building system that is wood-free. The plans for your home or commercial structure are converted to Sips by the architect and our manufacturing shop plans are created by a licensed engineer.

Strict Quality Control Standards

Our quality control standards are meticulous. Every structure we build is reviewed and certified by a licensed engineer.

Every Panel is Custom Made

Our panels are fabricated under factory controlled conditions to very specific tolerances based on CAD designs. Each wall and roof panel is custom made for a specific home or structure. Panel construction begins with a rigid insulating core of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam.

Exterior walls utilize 5 1/2" to 7 1/4" thick EPS with an R-Value of 24 to 34.
Interior Walls are typically 3 " EPS.

Structural support is provided by 18 or 20 gauge galvanized steel, determined by the engineer's specifications. Vertical channels are cut directly opposite of each other on the EPS for placement of 1 x 2" steel tubes, typically 24" on center. Each pair of tubes is screwed together preserving several inches of foam in between, thus preventing any thermal bridging. The steel tubes are connected to angled steel on both the top and bottom. All window and door openings are built and framed into the panels in the factory. All electrical and plumbing chases are also cut in the factory making easy work for the plumbers and electricians on site. Any extra chases needed are easily cut on the job site.

The height and the length of wall panels are determined by the design of the home or structure. We can also manufacture curved walls.

Skylights, Dormers, and Solar Panels? No Problem.

Roof panels are typically 4' wide and up to 36' long, utilizing EPS that is 10" thick (R-42) or 12"thick (R-52). Gable, hip, mansard, arched and flat roofs can all be achieved with our system. Skylights, dormers, and solar panels can all be incorporated in the designs.

Each wall and roof panel is numbered in the factory to allow for easy on site construction. Our system makes quick work of framing and insulation on the job site. Our shells are typically erected in a fraction of the time of traditional building methods, with no waste on the job site. This results in a significant savings of time and money.

Save Time & Money!